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Vermont’s tireless and best-placed advocate in the Nation’s Capital, Patrick Leahy is the most senior member of the U.S. Senate -- where seniority counts -- giving Vermonters not only a voice but a front-row seat at the table when key decisions are made. The son of a printer and the grandson of stone cutters, born in Montpelier, raised across the street from the State House, and schooled in Montpelier and Colchester, Patrick Leahy has spent most of his adult life working for Vermonters. In 1974 he became the first Democrat who Vermonters ever elected to the United States Senate, where he is now the Senate’s longest serving member. He serves as ranking member of both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations – the State Department’s budget committee.

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Senator Patrick Leahy

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